The European Fetish Awards


Since 2008, the European Fetish Awards (EFA) recognizes excellence and outstanding achievements in the fetish world and for the sake of this lovely, vivid, international scene. The jury consists of editors, publishers, bloggers and long-time observers and experts in the fetish industry, bringing the utmost professional knowledge with their votes. Each year the EFA ceremony is one of the highlights at the German Fetish Ball Weekend in Berlin and the awards are presented by the Mistress of Ceremonies of the year as well as the sponsor of the EFA.





The Categories (from 2016 on)



European Fetish Award

Fashion, Company, Product, what ever came to the attention of the fetish community within the last year and is worth getting the recognition. This is the main award category.


Special Award

This award is dedicated to those special people that make our scene so unique, great achievements, a life for our scene, a moment to be remembers.





The Categories (until 2015)


Best Fetish Fashion Design

Have you been to a party recently? The chances are good that you saw some awesome designs never seen before. But ask the big brands what brings the profit and they will tell you that this are the basics and classical pieces. So any designer determined to create something new, should be honoured, since they enrich the scene, what would be a party or a fetish photo without those great new designs? The best fashion design award shall at least be a pat on the shoulder to those who shoulder the risks of a new collection.


Best Startup

What would the scene be without all the new companies, bringing fresh air into our scene? Still we know how few of them really flourish, sadly most come and go or just vegetate as an online presence who sells from time to time some goods. But it is a great challenge to risk such a venture and a lot of heart and soul is committed to such a project. So that is why we want to honour the startup fetish/bdsm company of the past one and a half years. They shall prosper!


Best German Brand

To pay tribute to the home country of the GFB, this is for the best German brand.


Special Award

Our scene is to colorful to have an award for every category, much is up to taste and sometimes we like to award people, for plenty of reasons but without a single cause. The special award pays a tribute to this. Be it someones lifework, be it a special achievement… this is the category to honour those special people. Maybe an outsider that throws a bright and gentle light onto our scene? Maybe someone who passed away in the last 12 month and shall not be forgoten? Who knows…