The Awards 2009

The Winners


Best Fetish Fashion Design 2009: Rubber55

Best Idea / Best Startup 2009:

Best German Brand 2009: Rubber’s Finest

Special Award 2009: Martin Perreault



The Nominations 2009


Best Fetish Fashion Design 2009



Best Idea / Best Startup 2009



Best German Brand 2009



Special Award 2009

  • Robert Fluty
    For giving the fetish world a unique annual vacation opportunity with Kink In The Caribbean and for his determination to give Los Angeles an international fetish weekend to rival those in Europe
  • Inner Sanctum
    For so many latex style innovations that have become design classics (so often copied by other latex labels) over the past 14 years
  • Amber Moelter
  • Martin Perreault
    expanding from photography of Bianca, to releasing books, making a full feature movie (All Access) and setting up Project LatexLand where real fetishists can live an every day life (for a moment, at least)