The Awards 2011

The Winners


Best Fetish Fashion Design 2011: HMS Latex

Best Idea / Best Startup 2011: Inner Sanctum

Best German Brand 2011: Petra Dos Santos

Special Award 2011: Kumi



The Nominations 2011


Best Fetish Fashion Design 2011

  • Abigail Greydanus
  • HMS Latex for so successfully creating an instantly recognisable, female friendly and very French style
  • Lacing Lilith much-loved “quirky” London label that manages to amaze with every new design
  • Am Statik prime example of fresh approach young fashion/design graduates are now taking with latex
  • Très Bonjour : a continued eye for intricate details, use of color and overall wonderful designs. Haute couture!
  • Lady Oops : a newcomer that has earned her tracks in the world of fetish designs. Stepping away from the classic black gummi she brings a refreshing dolop of color to fetish fashion.
  • Ooh La Latex : making name in the fetish fashion world, using a distinct design, not shy of polka-dots and making use of the full color spectrum available.



Best Idea / Best Startup 2011

  • Ainsley_t
  • Rubber Life
  • Latex Wiki
  • Rubear for bringing the innovative designs of hi-tech Russian label Rubear to European market
  • Ardita Fetish Fashion for a highly original “couture” design style based on complex applique techniques
  • Inner Sanctum relaunch – great promise from fresh designs and the energy of its new German owners
  • Feterati Girls : combining dancing and latex, it’s been done in the mainstream music scene. So why not some of our “own” girls?
  • Brigitte Moore : not a real startup of course, but Brigitte’s latex collection is now really taking off. A new course for her, and an instant success.



Best German Brand 2011



Special Award 2011

  • Kim West for pioneering chlorination of latex clothes
  • Kumi on her retirement from modelling, for enriching our scene in so many different ways
  • Marquis for presenting its unique take on fetish for 50 issues and more. 50 issues of glossy, sexy latex by Peter Czernich. Happy anniversary!
  • FetLife for creating and sustaining one of the best social networks for the fetish community, especially now that Facebook and other community sites are blocking more and more fetish content (for no good reason!) it’s good to be able to fall back on Fetlife. It’s not just about the glam and famous, but also for the true fetishist.