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Public Voting 2015 has come to an end

Thank you all for your participation at this years public voting. A massive 43359 voters participated in those two categories. Quite impressive numbers for the first public voting at the European Fetish Awards. The amount of votes and points given where put into relation and let to the final rating. The top 10 participants will be now presented to our jury to finally select the winner of Dominatrix of the Year and Fetish Model of the year. However the rating was rather close, so when it comes to favor of the public, each lady in the top 10 is a winner and even those, who not made it to the final 10 where often so close, that it is not a voting against them. Congratulations to all of you, who where nominated and participated in the voting. On behalf of the European Fetish Awards committee René

Top 10 Dominatrix of the Year 2015

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Top 10 Fetish Model of the Year 2015

(Listed in alphabetical order)