The Awards 2017

The Winners

European Fetish Award 2017: Pandora Deluxe

Special Award 2017: Alexander Horn


The Nominations 2017

European Fetish Award 2017

  • Cyberesque
    most exciting fetish fashion brand Germany 2017
  • Peter Dominae
    for opening his own fetish fashion store in Berlin and expanding the German fetish fashion footprint
  • Birgitte More
    most glamorous fetish fashion brand in Europe
  • Mademoiselle Ilo
  • Ardita
    latex designer from Holland
  • Latexa
    for reinventing Marquis Fashion after the take over from Peter Czernich
  • Dawnamatrix
    for her work breaking into mainstream work dressing celebrities on several popular music videos and corporate advertisement
  • LatexFashionTV
    although actually being founded in 2015, they’ve had an amazing breakout year with coverage of many of the worlds biggest events
  • Kari Berg
    for her remarkable antibullying campaign
  • Ancilla Tila
    for her entree into politics while still maintaining a presence this this community
  • The German Fetish Ball
    for being so consistently enjoyable
  • Marquis
  • Terminal-F
  • Nikitzo/Fetishchimera
    for the most outstanding, productive and innovative fetish photography
  • Rubber Finest
    for RF-TV
  • Dead Lotus Couture – Nanje Magro
  • Torture Garden
  • BeGloss
    a recent start-up doing great marketing on an exciting product range
  • Pandora Deluxe
    as a label making great strides with its combination of technically innovatory design with highest production standards


Special Award 2017

  • Von Gutenberg News Channel & Magazine
    for bringing fetish fashion into the apple and android app store
  • Eric Paradis
    for Montreal Fetish Weekend
  • Isabella Sinclaire
    for opening Fetish Fashion Store in Los Angeles with DeMask
  • Alexander Horn (posthumous)
    for the  enormous contributions and kindness and for all he did for the world of Fetish.
  • Tony Mitchell/TheFetishistas
    for his continuous and serious reporting about the fetish scene. Nobody does it better, this is the only really serious source of profound information.
  • Tim Woodward
    for his daring new book with the smallest print run in the world
  • Nigel Walker
    for the  enormous contributions and kindness